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Empathy is understanding another’s emotion in relation to that of your own. Empathy assists resilience through developing strong supportive relationships. Understanding other people’s feelings/emotions/experiences is particularly helpful when people are experiencing tough times.

This will help young people understand:

  • empathy requires an understanding that their emotions can differ to someone else’s
  • empathy is a skill that can be practiced
  • empathy is different to sympathy.
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Lesson/session outline

Download the lesson/session outline.

Activities have been designed to be standalone or run in a sequence for a 50 minute lesson/session. Templates are linked below for completing the activities.

Activities include:

  1. Buzz activity: Four things! (10 minutes)
  2. Brainstorm emotions using the List of emotions (10 minutes)
  3. Other people’s emotions worksheet (25 minutes)
  4. Exploring (5 minutes)

Tips for communicating

Caring for yourself while caring for others

Classroom tips

Next steps