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To be resilient requires flexible and accurate thinking, seeing different perspectives. Someone who is resilient can come up with a variety of reasons for being successful in something. Flexible and accurate thinking allows multiple solutions to a problem, having Plan B and C is vital to resilience.

This will help young people understand:

  • flexible thinking requires an ability to listen to other peoples opinions
  • having multiple solutions to a problem relieves pressure in tough times
  • having a Plan B is a core component in flexible and accurate thinking.
Boy with hand on face thinking

Lesson/session outline

Download the lesson/session outline.

Activities have been designed to be standalone or run in a sequence for a 40 minute lesson/session. Templates are linked below for completing the activities.

Activities include:

  1. Buzz activity: Paper plane opinions! (10 minutes)
  2. What do you think? What do I think? (Plan B worksheet) (20 minutes)
  3. Exploring (10 minutes)

How to become self-aware

All about solving problems

Classroom tips

  • Remind students of classroom group agreement/norms (creating a safe and supportive environment).
  • Display to your class an outline (dot points) of what your lesson will be about. Identify sections where you may need Plan B - share with your class.
  • Ask students to think of a short term goal, what is there Plan B? Do they have a Plan C?

Next steps