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Energise and re-focus your students. Friday Fives are five minute activities for you to use in home group/pastoral care sessions each week.

This will provide you with:

  • five minute activities for your classroom
  • whole class and individual activities
  • activities to get your students thinking and moving.
Group of young students playing a game

10 Friday Fives

  1. Superman Capes: Encourage students to learn from one another and share coping strategies.
  2. Managing Stress: Get your students moving and teach them to manage their own stress levels.
  3. Brain Teaser: Get your students thinking outside the box.
  4. Work Those Neurons: Promote mindfulness by engaging students with a riddle.
  5. Short Term Goals: Help your students identify and set personal goals in this fun activity.
  6. Every Individual is Unique: Use this activity to highlight and promote diversity in your classroom.
  7. Desert Island: Encourage collaboration and promote problem solving skills.
  8. Two Truths and a Lie: A fun and creative way for students to share information about themselves.
  9. Five Things in Common: Promote creativity and concentration with this fun group work activity.
  10. Just One Word: Get your students thinking, focused and ready to learn.

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