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We all have impulses to do things and say things – these are not always in our best interest, nor helpful to others. To be resilient doesn't mean to stop these impulses, but it does require you to stop acting on every impulse that does not serve you well.

This will help young people understand:

  • being resilient involves controlling impulses
  • there are many kinds of impulses
  • impulse control can be learnt.
Three students listening in classroom

Lesson/session outline

Download the lesson/session outline.

Activities have been designed to be standalone or run in sequence for a 50 minute lesson/session. Templates are linked below for completing the activities.

Activities include:

  1. Buzz activity: Order Order! (5 minutes)
  2. Class discussion (10 minutes)
  3. Controlling your impulses Impulse Control Strategy Cards (Print & cut out one per student) & Impulse Scenario Cards (20 minutes)
  4. Exploring

Fighting with a brother or sister

Smiling Mind - Tools and apps

Classroom tips

  • remind students of classroom agreements/norms
  • use the 'Stop' Think' message when facilitating class discussions
  • model impulse control in your classroom and your staffroom
  • share examples of your own impulse strategies with your students.

Next steps