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This resource will help you support students in Years 9–12 through stressful exam periods. It includes four 20-minute interactive activities designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving in safe, respectful and connected classroom environments (check out our poster for more on that).

About this resource:

  • Four 20-minute lessons
  • Help students develop coping skills to manage stress
  • Includes videos, discussions and even an app
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These four activities help students understand the impact of stress on their body, and gives them skills to manage that stress effectively. The activities can be used as a catalyst for class discussion, which can be a valuable way to promote a supportive, help-seeking culture at your school.

Across the activities, it's important to remind your students that free, anonymous support is out there if they're going through a tough time. You can refer them to ReachOut's urgent help information, talking to someone you trust infographic, or even run our ‘how talking helps' activity with them.

Before you get started, here's a recap on stress.

Stress is natural. It's the body's way of sharpening focus, and increasing stamina and alertness so that you can rise to challenges and face tough situations. This type of stress is productive stress. On the other hand, unproductive stress can cause health issues and other problems. Learning to relieve or manage unproductive stress is a great skill to have.

The key to managing stress is finding the sweet spot between the two. These activities can help students do that.

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