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Mental Health Online is a free online treatment and assessment program for young people. Learn more about the website, and get information on when it is appropriate to use it, find out what young people thought of it, and read professional advice and young people’s tips for using it in practice.

This tool will assist with:

  • assessment and treatment advice for young people experiencing any form of anxiety
  • assessment of other psychological conditions a young person may be unaware of such as depression
  • provision of useful information and facts regarding their mental health difficulties.
Mental health online

About Mental Health Online

Mental Health Online is a free online assessment and treatment program for young people aged 18 years and older. To access the treatment programs, a psychological assessment (e-PASS) must be completed first. As well as determining the type and severity of anxiety being experienced, e-PASS assesses for 14 other common psychological conditions such as depression, eating disorders, alcohol and substance dependence disorders. eTherapy support can also be used in conjunction with the therapy programs for a fee but it is not required.

The website is a great portal in general for people wanting to know more about how to manage anxiety in their lives.

Where to access this tool

Mental Health Online website

When to use Mental Health Online

Mental Health Online should be introduced to young people displaying anxiety symptoms during the initial assessment phase. Information garnered from a broad range of questions online can also help to supplement a clinical interview. Young people can continue their own research on anxiety by reading the tool’s easy to understand literature.

What young people thought of Mental Health Online


  • Providing personal information online can be less daunting for a young person experiencing anxiety.
  • The assessment is comprehensive but not overly long and functions as a great starting point to seek professional help.


  • The website and layout of the assessment is not visually appealing.
  • The results are clinical and thorough and require further explanation.
  • There is a possibility for young people to view Mental Health Online as a diagnostic tool, which it isn’t.
  • More advice on treatment options is needed.

Professionals’ advice on using Mental Health Online in practice

The online assessment and treatment provides a lot of useful information but should be not be completed by anxiety sufferers in isolation. The assessment can diagnose other conditions and young people may become overwhelmed with the findings, making it necessary to clarify the information provided.

Unlike other online tools such as MoodGym, Mental Health Online should be utilised as an optional adjunct to treatment with a psychologist.

Advice from young people

Use during face-to-face sessions so that a professional is on hand to answer our questions.

The tool ascertains the severity of the anxiety and is good starting point for treatment.

Answering questions in a certain way could allow for potential misdiagnosis.


This tool was reviewed by Brittany and Sarah, young people from Professional advice was provided by Diane Milne (Social Worker) and Simon DuBois (Psychologist).

Using this tool

  • Use it as a starting point for young people who may be experiencing anxiety.
  • If it indicates potential anxiety problems, assist the young person in accessing a psychologist.
  • Learn more about anxiety disorders.