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MoodMission is an app designed to help with low moods, stress and anxiety through strategies based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Learn more about the app and get more information on when it is appropriate to use, find out what young people thought of it, and read professional’s and young people’s advice for using it in practice.

This tool will assist with:

  • coping with low moods, stress and anxiety
  • learning new coping techniques
  • improving mindfulness and wellness.

About MoodMission

MoodMission is a self-help app designed to assist with low moods, stress and anxiety and uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as the therapeutic basis of the tool.

MoodMission offers five easily implemented and achievable activities aimed to relieve the present issue based on information about the user’s current mood that they input. These suggestions also include a rationale behind why the specific activity has been recommended to the user and the benefits they can have.

Previous interaction with the app is recorded in a log to tailor future suggestions based on previous activities that have been helpful as well as statistics that outlines how many activities have been completed and what types. This information is also integrated with a reward and achievements feature to increase motivation.

Where to access this tool

MoodMission is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Our young people rated it 3.5/5

Our professionals rated it 5/5

When to use MoodMission

This app is suitable to use with young people who are in school (16+) and are experiencing mild symptoms of low mood, stress or anxiety. It could also be suitable for those with high levels of distress and are already receiving mental health care.

What young people thought of MoodMission


  • The design, it’s not overly complicated.
  • That tasks are based on your moods.
  • The achievements and ranks are non-competitive and based on how many achievements you do and your progress.
  • The log is helpful to see how you were feeling and when you previously completed tasks.
  • The crisis button.


  • How long it takes to set up.
  • Lack of resources which are limited to depression and anxiety.

Professionals’ advice on using MoodMission in practice

Make sure that the young person is confident with reading as it is text heavy and may be difficult for those who aren’t.

Whilst activities are quick and simple to apply, some motivation is required to complete them.

Take the time to help the young person get set up and go through the assessments with them as well as test the app.

Implementing a regular alarm reminder for the young person to log into the app and assess how they’re feeling could be useful.

Advice from young people

If the young person is depressed or anxious and wants supplementary activities to do, this app can guide them on what to do and how it will change their mood.

The mission log is especially helpful if you want to see what activities they have done over a period of time.


This tool was reviewed by Hailey-Anne and Roseanna, young people from the community. Professional review was provided by Simon DuBois (Psychologist).

Next steps

  • Try the program before first before introducing it.
  • Assist the young person in setting up the app and walk through the processes and features with them.
  • Check in with the young person’s and provide support.