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When referring a young person to an online counselling service, it is important to consider the adjunct support you should provide and how the support fits into their support network. This practice activity provides practical guidance.

This practice activity will help you:

  • provide a supported referral to an online counselling service
  • ensure the young person continues receiving appropriate support from you
  • keep a young person's service experience positive.
Boy in grey shirt talking to school counsellor


This activity will outline some ways in which you can tailor support to young people you work with in face-to-face services, as you provide a supported referral to an online counselling service.

Crisis moments could occur anytime. For me it usually happens at home and is outside of business hours. So face-to-face services are not accessible at this time. It is important to have services that I could access when I needed it, wherever I needed it. Therefore online services play an important role in my journey of recovery.

I still access my face-to-face services. However, there are some issues that could be quite confronting to be admitting to a counsellor who is sitting right across from you. Sometimes, it is easier to type it to someone online.

- 22 year old user from NSW

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Providing adjunct support for online services