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When referring to an online treatment program that is self-managed, it is important to ensure a young person has support in place to stay motivated and evaluate their progress. This practice guide provides tips.

This practice activity will help you:

  • consider when to refer to self-managed online mental health treatment
  • put appropriate support in place
  • follow up and assist a young person to evaluate their progress.
School counsellor showing pamphlet to boy in grey polo shirt


In this activity, you are guided in referring a young person to MoodGym, one of the recommended online service options developed and delivered by the Australian National University.

It takes a positive, non-judgemental approach. It supports you to work through things in your own time, but doesn’t give an answer. It allows you to help yourself, but also makes sure you have the tools to seek help by referring to other services such as GP’s and mental health professionals.

- 17 year old user from SA, providing her thoughts on using MoodGym

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Referring to an online self-managed program