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Early access to Student Snapshot is now closed. 

We are working hard on bringing a new version of Student Snapshot to you and your students. Teachers who had early-access felt the tool helped them build better relationship with their students, played a role in wellbeing program planning and improved student wellbeing.

Click the button below to be notified when the new Student Snapshot is available to you and your school. 

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The transition from primary school to secondary school is a significant time of change. In fact, research from the NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation highlights a decline in students’ engagement in their education and sense of belonging during this time. One of the key protective factors for supporting students through this period is the early development of strong student–teacher relationships.

To support teachers to build these relationships with their students and to create a tailored wellbeing program for them, ReachOut has developed an evidence-based digital tool called Student Snapshot.

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I really liked how easy it is to administer and having instant access to results. -Wellbeing Coordinator / PDHPE teacher, NSW

What is Student Snapshot?

Student Snapshot is a simple, free, digital alternative to paper-based transition questionnaires. This student wellbeing self-assessment survey can be used to generate individual student profiles and a cohort wellbeing overview with resource recommendations for teachers and parents/carers. 

ReachOut developed Student Snapshot in collaboration with teachers and students, and it was trialed successfully in Australian schools in December 2019.

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How do I access it? 

  • We are currently working on a new version of Student Snapshot based on the feedback we received from teachers who had used the early access version. 
  • It will be launched in time for Term 1, 2021 
  • Click the below button to receive an update when Student Snapshot is ready 


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