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This teacher resource includes classroom activities and background information about raising the awareness of youth homelessness, celebrating the resilience of young people who are experiencing homelessness in Australia and empowering the next generation of young people to take action to prevent youth homelessness in the future.

The Oasis resource includes:

  • background information on youth homelessness in Australia
  • teaching and learning activities
  • useful links and resources
  • curriculum links.
Close up of youth worker with glasses listening to boy

The Oasis Resource

The teaching and learning activities are broken into three modules. These modules can be taught across key learning areas as a themed unit taught simultaneously by a number of teachers or can be taught individually in a single subject area.

Module 1: Understanding Youth Homelessness

This section of the resource will guide students through an exploration of the issue of youth homelessness in Australia. The investigation will begin at the national level and will narrow the focus to the issue of homelessness in the local community. The activities will explore the following themes:

  • about homelessness
  • causes of youth homelessness
  • exploring local youth homelessness issues.

This section also includes activities for undertaking an in-depth exploration of the issue of urban youth homelessness by using The Oasis documentary and other short films created with and by young homeless people.

Module 2: Act Now: Making Change and Taking Action

This section of the resource will guide students through a 5 step process for making change and taking action on an issue that they are passionate about. The issue that will be the focus in the resource will be youth homelessness, however the 5 step process can be used for taking action or making change in any social issue. Each step of the process will include a scaffold for action that students will work through to create and make the change they envision.

Module 3: Many voices, moving images

This section of the resource will provide teachers with practical activities to support their students to create digital media pieces that highlight the issue of youth homelessness in their local area.

This section includes activities such as:

  • identifying themes and issues
  • developing a storyboard
  • locating content, images and locations
  • film-making tips such as rule of thirds, lighting, location and sound etc.
  • using digital editing software and equipment.

Use the links below to download the teaching materials