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Happiness is something that means different things to different people. Overall it seems that happiness is influenced by the way we choose to think about ourselves, our place in the world, and the world around us and how we act in that world, that differentiates the happy people from the less happy people.

We all have our ups and downs and that’s a normal part of life.

Positive Psychology is an area of psychology founded by Professor Martin Seligman that shifts the focus from what is clinically wrong, to the promotion of wellbeing and the creation of a satisfying life filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement, positive relationships and accomplishment.

We've all heard the saying that "happiness breeds success" but how can you create happiness in order to be successful? According to Dr Martin Seligman and Professor Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy) there is a science to happiness and through positive psychology we can explore this.

Happiness is something that you have control over and that you can work on in your daily life as well as the lives of young people in your work.

Next steps

Tips for increasing positivity and happiness:

  • Live in the present.
  • Take notice of the little things in life and in the world and enjoy them.
  • Build and maintain quality relationships.
  • Train your mind around positive self-talk.
  • Use your strengths.
  • Plan for happiness.