‘Reach out before you freak out’ video series

This package of twenty-minute video-based activities can show students how reaching out for support can change their experience of everyday issues.

About this resource:

  • Four 20-minute lessons with videos

  • Young people's real stories encourage help-seeking

  • Includes worksheets and discussions

Boy and girl sitting in chairs and talking

The short lessons incorporate discussion activities based on Visible Thinking methodology as well as practical worksheets, and they’re an ideal way to create meaningful discussions in homeroom and wellbeing lessons.

The teaching resource is curriculum-mapped for students in Years 9–10, and appropriate for use with students in Years 11–12.

Each short film is mapped to one of four domains in students’ lives: friendships, life online, the future and school life. Covering topics from school and careers, to dealing with toxic friendships and how to talk to someone you trust, the video stories are embedded in ReachOut.com so that young people can immediately connect with self-help information.

Created alongside young people, these videos are part of ReachOut’s ‘Reach out before you freak out’ series of short films, which delve into their worlds to show them that things can be better, and that they have the power to help themselves.

Young people love stories: they want to feel connected to their peers, and find hope in sharing their successes. The videos place young people at the centre, telling their own stories of self-help and seeking help early to encourage others to do the same.

Download the resource (PDF)

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