Regional and Remote Schools Action Pack

ReachOut Australia conducted extensive research into the mental health and wellbeing needs of young people living in regional, rural and remote areas. Young people told us there are some awesome things about living, working and studying in regional, rural and remote parts of Australia. Friendly and close-knit communities, opportunities to be outdoors and the slower pace of life are some of the things young people we met said they liked about living in areas outside of major cities. However, there can be significant challenges, too, such as loneliness, isolation, unemployment and boredom. We partnered with Mission Australia to publish a comprehensive report on this research. You can read the Lifting the Weight report here.

How this resource can help

This resource has been designed to be used with students, teachers and the school community living in regional, rural and remote areas to support a whole school approach to wellbeing. It was developed in consultation with schools in regional, rural and remote areas to ensure that it meets their needs.

About this resource

This resource includes three activity packs designed to meet the specific needs of regional, rural and remote communities:

  1. Work, money and wellbeing in regional, rural and remote Australia.

  2. Life in regional, rural and remote areas.

  3. Building connections.

Each activity pack contains:

  • a staff professional learning session

  • a practical lesson to use with students in Years 9–12

  • resources and tips to engage parents and the local community.


Download action pack