Smiling Mind in your classroom

Students with laptops in classroom

Smiling Mind is series of modern meditation activities in a unique web and app-based format. It’s been developed to complement existing mental health and wellbeing/pastoral care programs, complements the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.

What is Smiling Mind?

  • Smiling Mind is a mindfulness tool and app

  • Smiling Mind includes a specific teacher resource for introduction to your classroom

  • Smiling Mind can be downloaded from the Smiling Mind website and iTunes.

Education program overview

The program is available for various ages, with different downloads relating to each age group:

  • 7-11 years

  • 12-15 years

  • 16-22 years

  • adults (can also be used for staff training).

Each age-specific program runs for an initial 8-10 weeks. The program is comprised of short mp3 audio sessions of 5-15 minutes long, introductory sessions, daily mindfulness guides and take home activities.

As a complement to existing mental health and wellbeing programs, Smiling Mind may:

  • encourage participants to be focused on the present moment when engaged in set activities

  • provide a grounded start to the day/session/training

  • encourage focused attention

  • increase levels of empathy with fellow students.

The program has been designed to be flexible in its delivery and can be used to suit the needs of the curriculum, school environment and individual students needs.

What can I do now?

  • Read more about Smiling Mind.

  • To implement Smiling Mind in your classroom, head to the Smiling Mind website and register for the education program.