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One in four young people in Australia experience mental health difficulties and 70 percent of those don’t seek help. These experiences of mental health impact students’ wellbeing and engagement at school, with teachers playing a critical role in helping students to recognise the need to seek help and access support. Equally critical are activities in school environments to support students’ wellbeing and build their resilience, ensuring they have the skills to handle whatever life throws at them, including mental health issues.

ReachOut’s wellbeing resources are designed by professionals to help students identify how they are feeling right now, learn how to take a proactive approach to their mental health and also how to seek help if they need it.

These resources have been designed to help teachers learn more about student mental health and wellbeing and cover topics including resilience, mindsets and positive psychology.

Use ReachOut Schools student wellbeing resources as a guide to supporting all students, both students struggling with their mental health and those who are currently happy and well. Further support students by teaching students about resilience, bullying and respectful relationships.