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Schools play an important role in preparing young people for the transition into adulthood and employment. The changing and uncertain working world has led to the need for new skills, a shift in the way we think and plan for work and life, and an enhanced need for resilience.

Many students are uncertain and concerned about what their future will look like. It’s important that they are aware of the many options available to them and how they can access these. This resource gives students an opportunity to discuss career opportunities, including apprenticeships, casual work, the selection of university courses, and financial independence as they consider what their future path might look like.

Critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence are important skills for every student to develop in order to navigate our rapidly changing world.

Careers education needs to be relevant, addressing concerns students may have and encouraging them to follow the path which is best for them. This resource is designed to help prepare students for the transition from school to further education and employment by reviewing the broad range of options available. We’ve also included some of our most popular content from that you can share with your students, as well as content from that you can share in communications with the parent community at your school.

Classroom resources

Designed to be relevant and engaging to your students


How to cope with job rejection

Students explore strategies to help them cope with job rejection.


60 minutes

Wellbeing Fives

Energise, refocus and develop wellbeing in your students in 5 minutes

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