So many options

Students think about all the options they have by mapping the paths for different careers.

Year Level




60 minutes


  • In class activity

SEL Competencies

  • Social awareness
  • Self-awareness

Learning Intention

Students map the education and career paths for a broad range of occupations.

Key Outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • identify the broad range of options available to them
  • recognise the different steps in various careers.
activity 01

Group work 30 min

  • Divide students into groups of three.
  • Give each group textas and butcher’s paper.
  • Ensure that each group has internet access.
  • On their paper, each group writes down four occupations. Encourage them to be creative and think about options such as:
    • a trade (hairdresser, builder, carpenter)
    • small business owner (cafe owner, shop owner)
    • barista
    • health sector (nurse, doctor, dentist)
    • community services (social worker)
    • education (primary school teacher, science teacher)
    • defence force (army, navy, airforce officer)
    • emergency services (police officer, paramedic, firefighter).
  • Working together, students create a mindmap of the pathways individuals in these occupations may take. Include information such as:
    • Do they need to attend TAFE or university?
    • Where are the necessary courses offered?
    • What are the names of the courses?
    • How long do the courses take?
    • How do they enter (e.g. required ATAR, prerequisites, early entry, private college)?
    • Is there more than one way to enter these occupations?
    • Encourage students to think critically and to consider as many pathways as they can.