Students learn how to write a cover letter and resume.

Year level



60 minutes


In class activity

SEL Competencies


Learning intention

Students write a cover letter and resume that reflects their skills and abilities.

Key outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • understand the importance of resumes and cover letters

  • develop a resume

  • write a cover letter.

Materials needed

  • Individual computers for students

  • Access to article

  • Student access to the article 'Getting a job'

Mapped to

Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities

  • Digital Literacy:

    • Creating and exchanging

Show details

Activity 1

Class discussion

10 minutes

  1. Discuss with students the importance of resumes and cover letters.

Key discussion points:

  • Resumes are our personal marketing tool.

  • They outline our personal skills, interests and experiences.

  • Cover letters should be tailored to the job you are applying for.

  • Grammar, formatting and language are important, as these are formal documents.

Activity 2

Individual task: Writing a resume

25 minutes

  1. Students use individual devices.

  2. Students access the article Getting a job. This article has a collection of tips and tools for writing a resume, cover letter and applying for jobs.

  3. Using the resources provided under 'How to write a killer resume', students develop a resume. Encourage them to use the suggested templates.

  4. Once finished, students check their work using this handy checklist.

Activity 3

Individual task: Writing a cover letter

25 minutes

  1. Using this simple guide, students write a cover letter.

  2. Encourage students to use a letter template.

  3. To help guide this process, suggest that students find a job they would like to apply for.

  4. Once completed, students review each others cover letters and provide feedback.


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