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Teach students skills
to live a positive life

ReachOut Orb helps provide useful skills and strategies to allow students to think positively and to learn to bounce back from challenging situations.

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Free to Play

Made free for any school community to use.

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Students can progress without any supervision.

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Perfect for teachers, tutors and mentors.

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What people are saying

“The students had feelings of happiness and I think satisfaction, like they had accomplished something.”


“The students wished it could have gone for longer so that's a good sign.”


“There's lots of problem solving, so it keeps your brain moving and you don't get bored because there’s all the different underlying tasks.”


“I’ve been using it in sport, to focus on what my team is doing well, rather than what we’re doing wrong.”


“Everyone stayed really focused and interested on that game, like it engaged a wide variety of boys.”


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A fun, free game built for students.

Enter a world where a negative force known as The Glitch has drained colour from the world causing people and machines to behave oddly. You must return colour and positive to the world by solving the Glitch.

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Get the game for free on any of the following devices:

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Get the game for free on iPad, Mac and Windows devices.

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This game helps students to...

  • Improve their mental fitness and wellbeing
  • Understand a positivity mindset
  • Identify and use their strengths
  • Develop and sustain positive relationships
  • Build resilience

Download ReachOut Orb

Get the game for free on any of the following devices:

Get the game for free on iPad, Mac and Windows devices.

Not available on iPhone or Android devices
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Apple Store macOS Windows

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What's included

The ReachOut Orb program comes with a comprehensive classroom resource for teachers. You will find all you need to get you and your class started. The package contains the following:

The Teacher Resource

Written by award-winning positive education experts Dr Toni Noble and Dr Helen McGrath.

Quick Guide

An express introduction to ReachOut Orb, and will help you quickly navigate the comprehensive resource.

How-to Guide and Video

Designed to help you install ReachOut Orb and utilise it within your classroom.

Device compatibility

Built for both iPad (Required iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad and iPad air) and desktop (Requires Microsoft® Windows® 10+, XP/Vista or later or Mac OS X 10.7+).


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