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ReachOut Orb will no longer be available after Term 4, 2020.

We will be focusing our efforts on a new wellbeing tool, to better help teachers support their students.

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Build your Year 9-10 student’s skills in positivity and resilience

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    Written by award-winning positive education experts Dr. Toni Noble and Dr. Helen McGrath

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ReachOut Orb is mapped to the Australian Curriculum HPE, NSW PDHPE Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities.


  • Health and Wellbeing (Year 9–10)
  • Being Healthy, safe and active
  • Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing


  • Self and Relationships
  • Individual and community health

For more detail, it's in the Teacher's Resource PDF.

Evidence based, skills focused

78% of students recall skill, attitude, or behaviours on building and maintaining positive relationships.

  • Identifying character and ability strengths

    Students will identify their character strengths to create their own personalised avatar.

    • Buffer against and overcome problems
    • Improving relationships
  • Increase positive emotions with gratitude

    Students will need to to identify and explain 3 good things that happened to them to progress in the game.

    • Evidence based approach to experience positive emotions
    • Increase in thankfulness and gratitude
  • Building relationships through empathy

    Students will need to problem solve and choose positive and empathetic responses in their dialog to proceed.

    • Building empathy and compassion to others
    • Experiencing other's perspective and points of view

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A great opportunity for kids to explore positive education, positive psychology and their own emotion, to celebrate their strengths and their characteristics that they do have. I think it is fantastic and would highly recommend it."
PDHPE Teacher, NSW