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Innovative mental health technologies for your whole school

We use innovative technology to engage young people in their wellbeing and mental health. Some of our great technologies include:

With ReachOut Schools, you can make our unique free services, tools and resources available to your whole school community. These resources include:

How do we benefit your school?

Our comprehensive whole school approach enables your school to cover a broad spectrum of students’ needs, with a focus on providing expanded prevention and early intervention support in the following ways:

  • Complementing existing programs - We extend the impact of your current wellbeing and mental health programs with additional online resources and tools.
  • Directly helping students get through tough times - We cover the full spectrum of issues that young people face, helping them to develop their personal wellbeing skills and find answers to the questions they’re afraid to ask.
  • Increasing parent and staff understanding - We help parents and staff better understand the issues that young people face, and provide a safe place they can recommend and refer them to.
  • Using evidence-based approaches - All information we provide is based on the latest evidence for promoting wellbeing and mental health, so you can be sure it is reliable and trustworthy.

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