How teachers can get the most out of ReachOut's Student Snapshot

ReachOut Australia has developed a new tool to help teachers assist students who are transitioning from primary school to high school. Student Snapshot is a free, easy-to-use online survey designed to help teachers form stronger relationships with their students and plan wellbeing activities. The survey is quick for teachers to set up and simple for students to complete. Teachers are provided with all the data and resources they will need to create effective and enjoyable learning experiences for students. Once the results of the survey are in, here’s how teachers can make the most of their findings.

Snapshot for individual students

A snapshot of student engagement

Teachers will be able to identify quickly those students who are excited about and engaged in their school environment and those who are not. They can then take action to improve the learning outcomes for any students who may be slipping between the cracks and increase their sense of belonging as they settle into high school.

Improved teacher-student relationships

Student Snapshot empowers teachers by providing them with information about what their students’ interests are and how they like to learn. They can then tailor lesson plans and assessment tasks to ensure their students achieve academic success and are engaged in the classroom. Getting to know students on a deeper level also fosters trust and support, which lead to greater wellbeing outcomes. It also improves the quality of one-on-one engagement between teachers and their students.

Greater inclusion in the classroom

Teachers are informed about their students’ home environment, cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs, personal values and their views on school life. Teachers who are aware of the diverse nature of students’ lives outside of school, and of how this can affect the time they spend at school, are better equipped to create highly inclusive and respectful classroom environments, as well as to encourage acceptance and appreciation of differences within the cohort.

Understanding how students like to learn

Students are asked to provide insights into the subjects, activities and learning styles they particularly enjoy. This can help teachers to ensure that their students get the most out of their classroom time and continue to achieve in areas where they are already highly engaged.

Snapshot for student cohorts

Plan meaningful programs that meet student needs

Student Snapshot can help teachers to plan meaningful transition programs for students who are entering high school, by using cohort surveys to better understand the needs of the students in the group. ReachOut’s cohort survey will help to take the guesswork out of lesson and activities planning, as the collated responses can be used to identify key areas of concern and where students are likely to seek help and support. By using these results, school staff can create programs tailored to the needs of their students.

ReachOut’s cohort survey results come with recommended resources linked to the key areas students are concerned about. These resources include lesson plans for teachers, content for students, and articles to share with parents for each area identified. This whole-school approach to transition ensures that students feel supported by everyone in their community, as teachers, parents, carers and their peer group will all have access to the information they need.

How to start using Student Snapshot

To begin using Student Snapshot for your cohort:

  • Log on to ReachOut Australia’s Student Snapshot portal.

  • Choose whether you want to survey individual students or a student cohort.

  • Send your survey to students.

  • Wait for students to complete the survey.

  • Access your survey results immediately.

  • Use ReachOut’s resources to help you build stronger classroom relationships with your students.

  • Help your students develop strategies and skills for a smooth transition.

For more information, visit ReachOut Schools here.