About ReachOut's transition to secondary school resources

The transition from primary school to secondary school is a significant time of change. In fact, research from the NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation highlights a decline in students’ engagement in their education and sense of belonging during this time. One of the key protective factors for supporting students through this period is the early development of strong student–teacher relationships.

For transition from primary school to secondary school to be successful, schools must be responsive to the needs of their students. Orientation and transition programs should be developed to consider specific cohorts, as student needs can vary from year to year. By addressing the worries and challenges of each individual year group, wellbeing programs can help students to respond positively to the changes they face.

Transition programs should also consider the needs of the whole student by providing them with opportunities to participate in a range of programs, such as sport, the arts or community service. Involvement in these programs will help students to form connections with their peers and to develop a sense of belonging within the school environment.

ReachOut has developed content and resources to support teachers to build relationships with their students and to develop a tailored wellbeing program. The content takes a whole-school approach, with resources for teachers, students, and their parents and carers. This content addresses key concerns students may have as they navigate various academic and social challenges.

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