This lesson focuses on helping students to understand mental health issues.

Year level



5 minutes


In class activity

Whole school and year assemblies

Online learning

SEL Competencies


Learning intention

Students know how to identify and seek support for mental health issues.

Key outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • identify the signs and symptoms of a mental health issue

  • explain how a mental health issue can be supported or managed.

Materials needed

  • Access to the video clip ‘What is mental health?’

Mapped to

Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education

  • Refine protective behaviours and evaluate community resources to seek help for themselves and others (AC9HP8P08)

  • Plan, rehearse and evaluate strategies for managing situations where their own or others’ health, safety or wellbeing may be at risk (AC9HP10P08)

Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities

  • Personal and Social Capability:

    • Self-management

    • Self awareness

NSW PDHPE Syllabus

  • Examines and evaluates strategies to manage current and future challenges (PD4-1)

  • Assesses their own and others’ capacity to reflect on and respond positively to challenges (PD5-1)

  • Plans, implements and critiques strategies to promote health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity in their communities (PD5-7)

Victorian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education

  • Examine barriers to seeking support and evaluate strategies to overcome these (VCHPEP125)

  • Evaluate situations and propose appropriate emotional responses and then reflect on possible outcomes of different responses to health and wellbeing (VCHPEP147)

Show details

Activity 1


5 minutes

  1. As a group, watch the video clip ‘What is mental health?’.

  2. After watching the video, ask students to write down or share with a partner:

    • three signs or symptoms to look for that signify a mental health issue

    • three top tips that could be used to support or manage a mental health issue.


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