Observing and building mindsets

Students work collaboratively on a difficult exercise and reflect on their learning process.

Year Level



60 minutes


  • In class activity

SEL Competencies

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness

Learning Intention

  • Students reflect on the learning process by undertaking challenging tasks.

Key Outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will understand that:

  • practising a growth mindset will assist in learning
  • working in a group can assist the development of a growth mindset.

Activity 01

Group work: Facing challenges together 50 min

Divide the class into groups of four. Ask students to allocate each of the following roles within their group:

  • Performer: works on the task for a four-minute time frame.
  • Observer/recorder: records what the performer is doing/saying while completing the task.
  • Timekeeper: keeps to the four-minute time frame for each task, offering a one-minute warning when the time is nearly up.
  • Coach: gives the performer feedback and coaching throughout the task.

  1. Set a task for the class to complete – for example, throwing beanbags into a hoop from a challenging distance, completing a puzzle, shooting into a netball goal.
  2. Ask the groups to complete the task by rotating roles. The coach must use different language each time they work with the performer.
    • Growth mindset: You just need to aim to the left. That’s it, you’ll get the next one.
    • Positive: You’re so good at that. Excellent work.
    • Negative: That’s hopeless. How could you miss?
    • Apathetic (lazy): Nice. Good try.
  3. Once each student has had a turn, ask them to reflect on how the different language used by the coach made them feel. Questions:
    • How did you feel during the task?
    • What did you say to yourself as you did the puzzle?
    • What mistakes did you make?
    • What impact did the coach have on your performance?