One-on-One support for parents

two parents look at teenager

The ReachOut Parents One-on-One Support Program, delivered online and over the phone by ReachOut Australia and The Benevolent Society, supports parents and carers of 12–18 year-olds.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a free service to offer to parents navigating challenges with the teenagers in their lives.

A free, confidential program to support parents of teens

This free and confidential one-on-one program supports parents and carers to respond to parenting challenges in a way that fosters an understanding of the teen’s situation, addresses young people’s needs, and promotes their wellbeing and development.

Professional coaches offer parents support by developing action plans that help them through challenges in their parenting role, to improve the mental health and wellbeing of teenagers and their families.

Helping your school to support parents

The program provides another way for educators and schools to respond to parents’ concerns about their teens. It can become an additional source of support at home for young people experiencing health and wellbeing challenges. As an early intervention service, it allows schools, teachers and parents to respond as issues arise, or before situations have the chance to escalate further.

You can suggest the program to parents/carers who:

  • have approached the school seeking help or direction with their teen’s behaviour at home

  • would benefit from help in supporting their teen’s mental health and wellbeing

  • would like to know some ways to support their teen who is experiencing struggles with mental health and wellbeing.

This has been so helpful. I felt like we were drowing in this, but it doesn't feel as overwhelming now. It feels doable." - Program participant

The program can support parents across a wide-range of challenges

The ReachOut One-on-One Support Program can help parents to create an action plan for challenges, including:

  • parent–young person relationship

  • communication (including anger and conflict)

  • stress and anxiety

  • social media, gaming or technology use

  • rules and boundary setting

  • bullying

  • friendships and relationships

  • education, school and absenteeism

  • self-esteem

  • drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Easy for parents to use

Parents are in control and are able to sign up online. They can book appointment times that work for them and will have access to four sessions. The program can provide parents with the guidance and support they need to help their teens.

I wasn't even sure I should sign up; I didn't know if this would help. I am so glad did. It has changed the way I think and understand what is going on. It has been more helpful than any psychologist we have seen."- Program participant

What can I do now?

  • Visit the ReachOut One-on-One Support Program website.

  • Find out how ReachOut Parents can help your school increase positive parental engagement that will benefit student wellbeing.

  • View our Communicating with Parents resource.