Drought relief newsletter articles for parents and community

When times are tough, it’s great to see communities coming together to support one another. Schools are places where this can happen. We’ve developed some copy that you can share in your school newsletter or on social media pages to help out parents and carers. From advice and links, through to free one-on-one support programs, ReachOut Parents is a great place to refer families for info about raising teenagers.

About this resource

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  • Provide helpful advice to parents and carers

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Article 1: ReachOut’s tips for talking about tough topics with your teen

One of the best ways you can support your teen is to let them know they can always come to you, even when it seems like you are stressed out.

Kick things off by talking with them about the drought. We’re not saying you should vent to your kids about how stressed you’re feeling, but it’s important to have open and honest chats about how the drought may be affecting your family and the community around you.

Here are some tips for breaking the ice and raising the topic with your teenager:

  • Choose the right setting.

  • Start the conversation by sharing how you feel about the drought and what’s happening in your community.

  • Ask them open-ended questions.

  • Communicate on their terms (e.g. either face-to-face, via email, or by instant messaging).

  • Share with them some of the things you’re doing to take care of yourself.

As tough as times may be, try to focus on the positives, even if they feel insignificant. This will help to keep your family’s mood elevated.

Learn more about coping with the drought.

Article 2: ReachOut’s Free one-on-one support sessions for parents with teens

ReachOut offers expert support and guidance to help you and your teenager navigate whatever life throws at you or them.

Locating and booking counselling services, and finding the time to travel to them, can be really tough, especially in regional and remote areas. There are heaps of hurdles in the life of a teen, and as a parent you’re right there alongside them, experiencing them, too. Add in the stresses that go along with coping with a prolonged drought and you might feel over-stretched.

The expert help that is available to you, as the parent of a teenager, through ReachOut’s free coaching service can go a long way in boosting your family’s wellbeing. It doesn’t matter if you live in a large town or on a station out the back of Bourke. All you need in order to connect with an expert coach is a phone or a computer with an internet connection.

So, if you’re interested in accessing help, advice and practical strategies on how to support your teenager with whatever life throws at them – including the drought – check out ReachOut Parents Coaching.

Learn more about tools to help your family cope with the stress of the drought- check out coping with the drought.

This resource is part of the ReachOut Drought Relief School Action Pack. View and download the entire pack.