Helping others with study stress

Students need to feel empowered not only to help others, but also to help themselves. This activity gives students the opportunity to role play difficult conversations they may have with friends.

Year Level



5 minutes


  • In class activity
  • Online learning

SEL Competencies

  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills

Learning Intention

Students are able to articulate how they can support each other.

Key Outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • recognise different strategies they can use to help themselves
  • recognise that they can help those around them.

Instructions 5 min

Ask students to complete the following sentences. You may choose to have students answer verbally or write down their responses.

  • If I know someone who needs a break from study, I can…
  • If I’m worried that a friend is putting too much pressure on themselves, I can…
  • If I notice that a friend isn’t coping, I can…

Debrief discussion:

  • Discuss with students what they suggested for each statement.