Support your school to Make a Move for mental health

With 2 in 5 young people in Australia currently experiencing a mental health difficulty, there’s never been a more important time to keep wellbeing and mental health top of mind within your school community. Find out what Make a Move is all about, and how to get your school involved to make a real difference in the lives of young people

Make a move student with basketball

How to get your school community involved

Make a Move is ReachOut’s wellbeing and movement event – and the challenge is simple: you commit to spending 24 minutes every 24 hours for the month of October (Mental Health Month) either moving your body or improving your state of mind, or you can combine both.

You can run, paint, swim or read; dance, meditate, hula hoop or skate – anything that helps you get your body and mind moving in a positive way. And every dollar you raise by fundraising for ReachOut, helps us to continue to support young people each and every day.

For schools, it’s a great way to bring students and staff together for Mental Health Month to do something beneficial every day for their mental health and wellbeing. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Lunchtime challenges: Get the entire school involved in a weekly lunchtime challenge. Who can skip or hula hoop the longest? Or shoot the most hoops?

  • Morning push-ups: Start the day strong with a push-up goal in your morning admin classes.

  • Mufti day: Encourage cosy self-care with a comfy-themed mufti day, where gold coin donations help to raise funds for Make a Move.

  • Feel-good Fridays: From practising mindfulness to colouring in, try out some self-care activities on Friday afternoons before the bell goes.

  • School house challenge: Keen for some friendly competition? Have your school houses track their movement or self-care activities throughout October.

You can promote Make a Move in your school newsletter or intranet to let families know that you’re getting involved. We also have a number of posters and social media posts to help you spread the word.

If you’re looking for more ideas, or would like some support in getting your school set up for Make a Move, you can get in touch here.

Supporting mental health and wellbeing in the classroom

ReachOut Schools has a range of engaging lesson plans to bring mental health knowledge and awareness into the classroom throughout October, alongside useful resources to help teachers and staff support their students’ and their own mental health and wellbeing. Here’s a selection to get you started:

  • Physical and mental fitness: In this lesson, students explore how physical and mental fitness can impact their overall wellbeing.

  • Positive vibes and Self-care hand: In these quick Wellbeing Fives, students learn how positive emotions and taking time for self-care can enhance their overall mental health and wellbeing.

  • Mental health lesson plans: Increase your students’ knowledge of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, and their awareness of the support services and help-seeking strategies available to them.

  • Student wellbeing resources: Help students to identify how they’re feeling and support them in seeking help if they need it.

  • Mental health information: Increase your own mental health literacy and feel more confident to start conversations about mental health with your students.

  • Teacher wellbeing resources: Explore our resources on everything from wellbeing tips to developing self-care plans.

Information to support students has useful content that you can share with your students to inform and support them throughout Make a Move (and beyond):

Information to support parents and carers

You can also support your parent community by sharing these relevant ReachOut Parents articles with parents and carers through your school’s newsletter or social media channels:

What can I do now?

  • Sign up for Make a Move and get in touch with ReachOut for support in getting your school set up.

  • Visit the Make a Move website to learn more about the event and the impact of getting involved.