Students examine mental health services available within their community.

Year level



5 minutes


In class activity

SEL Competencies

Responsible decision-making

Learning intention

Students can identify local services that support their mental health needs.

Key outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • identify local services available to support their mental health needs

  • assess the effectiveness of local services in meeting their needs.

Materials needed

  • Pens and paper

Mapped to

Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education

  • Plan and implement strategies, using health resources, to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, relationships and wellbeing (AC9HP8P10)

  • Plan, rehearse and evaluate strategies for managing situations where their own or others’ health, safety or wellbeing may be at risk (AC9HP10P08)

Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities

  • Personal and Social Capability:

    • Social awareness

    • Self-management

    • Social management

NSW PDHPE Syllabus

  • Examines and demonstrates the role help-seeking strategies and behaviours play in supporting themselves and others (PD4-2)

  • Assesses their own and others’ capacity to reflect on and respond positively to challenges (PD5-1)

  • Researches and appraises the effectiveness of health information and support services available in the community (PD5-2)

Victorian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education

  • Plan and use strategies and resources to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of their communities(VCHPEP130)

  • Evaluate situations and propose appropriate emotional responses and then reflect on possible outcomes of different responses to health and wellbeing (VCHPEP147)

Show details

Activity 1


5 minutes

  1. Ask students to write down five local services they could access for a mental health issue – e.g. GP, youth service, school counsellor, Headspace.

  2. For each service, rank how likely they would be to access this service using the following colour code:

    • red: would not use

    • yellow: might use

    • green: would use.

  3. Ask students what criteria they used to complete this task – e.g. cost, confidentiality, location.

  4. Ask students, for the services marked red, what would make it more likely for them to access the service.

For more information, check out ‘Support services for depression’.


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