Having conversations can help students feel connected to each other. Being part of a discussion can help them develop new relationships, find common interests and build empathy towards others.

Year level



5 minutes


In class activity

SEL Competencies

Social awareness

Relationship skills

Learning intention

Students learn to have conversations with others, which can help them feel connected to each other.

Key outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • conduct a conversation

  • listen and respond to each other respectfully.

Materials needed

  • A space large enough for students to form a circle

Mapped to

Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities

  • Personal and Social Capability:

    • Social awareness

    • Self-awareness

  • Intercultural Understanding:

    • Engaging with cultural and linguistic diversity

Show details

Activity 1


5 minutes

  1. Invite participants to form two circles, one inside the other.

  2. Ask the following questions. (After each question, ask the outside circle to move two people to the right so that they are discussing their answer with a different person each time.)

    • What is one good thing that happened today?

    • What three things do you have in common with your partner in the circle?

    • What are some ways students at your school could help promote mental health and wellbeing?

You can use your own questions or the suggestions above.


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